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6 Android Apps to Adjust Screen Brightness Settings

Day after day many of us spend a dozens of hours starring at screens of our devices. Not only screen brightness affects precious battery life of our smartphones, but it is also one of the most common causes of eyestrain. Today we have prepared a list of six Android applications that will help you both to prevent eye fatigue and prolong battery life of your phone or tablet.

System & Utilities
9 Apps To Improve Battery Life Of Your Android Device

Battery life is probably the biggest annoyance that most Android users experience every day. There a hundreds of applications available on Google Play that promise to optimize system performance and extend battery life of your Android phone or tablet. Alas, there is no ultimate solution to this complex issue. We have spent a lot of time testing numerous battery-saving apps and may I say that most of them are useless at best. Today we present you our list of nine Android applications that can really prolong your smartphone's battery life.

Office & Productivity Apps
10 Great Mind Mapping Apps for Android

Mind mapping is a popular way to brainstorm a topic or to split an idea into subtasks and actual ‘next steps’. There is no doubt that ubiquitous tablets and mobile phones are a perfect platform for note-taking and mind mapping solutions. There are several dozen Android mindmapping applications available for download on Google Play. Today we’ll take a look at our personal top ten free brainstorming apps.

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Android Weekly Review

Google and Audi collaborate to develop Android-based in-car entertainment and information systems. Microsoft OneNote update. Snapchat security breach. Samsung's Android-based Galaxy Camera 2. New smartphones from Archos, Lenovo, and Acer. DreamWorks plans to release it's own tablet computer. Google acquires Bitspin, creators of the Timely alarm clock app.

Office & Productivity Apps
The 7 Most Unusual Android Keyboards

There is a long list of good keyboards available for the Android system starting with the stock Google keyboard. But if you are fancy to try something more unique then you’ve got lesser choice. We have tested a number of keyboard alternatives for the Android and prepared this roundup of seven uncommon keyboards that will help you get the job done in a rather unusual way.