Today we present you the collection of 7 useful and convenient tools that will help you to deal with incoming and outgoing calls easily. Install them and you’ll be able to set your own schedule for the phone to go silent, disable ringtone or even put your phone into Airplane mode. With these apps can you create different call management profiles for various situations, or set unique ringtone for each of your contacts. And you will never make an outgoing phone call by mistake again.

Airplane AutoSwitch

If you do not want to be woken up in the middle of the night by the phone call, Airplane AutoSwitch is right for you. This app will turn airplane mode on your phone on and off automatically. Airplane mode disables wireless features of your device, so you will not receive phone calls or incoming messages. Turning on Airplane mode also helps to increase battery life. The app settings are pretty straightforward: just set the start time and the end time to turn on and turn off the airplane mode and check “Airplane Mode Switch” box. Then press Save button in the program menu.

Airplane AutoSwitch Screenshot

Auto Silence

Auto Silence will make your phone silent during scheduled events. No more phone rings in the middle of a meeting or a class. Simply mark your events in Google Calendar by putting [S] or *S* at the end of the event’s name. That’s it, your phone will be automatically silenced during this period of time. If you still do not want to miss a call, you can enable vibration mode. Auto Silence will also notify you when it turns sound off and back on.

Auto Silence Screenshot

Call Confirm

Call Confirm is a small and free application that prevents you from making phone calls by mistake. Once installed, it will raise a simple confirmation dialog every time you dialing a phone number. Confirmation dialog will show you the phone number and the contact’s name and photo. Then you can either press “Call” button to dial, or “Hang up” if this is accidental call.

Call Confirm Screenshot

Flip To Mute

Flip 2 Mute is a very simple application. It allows you to switch your phone to silent mode at once. Simply flip your phone over on a desk to turn ringer off. The phone will vibrate to confirm that the ringtone is mute. Flip it up and you will hear a beep confirmation that the ringer was turned back on. Please note that Flip 2 Mute will work only when the screen is on. It helps avoiding useless battery drain.

Flip To Mute Screenshot


Flip4Silence app will make your phone silent easily. When you receive a call, just flip or shake the phone and it will mute the ringtone. This application will also decrease ringtone volume when you pick up phone from a table.

Flip4Silence Screenshot

Quick Profiles

With Quick Profiles you can set up your own profiles (e.g. Work, Outdoor, Meeting etc.). Profile options are divided in two categories: “Sounds” and “Device”. In “Sounds” section you can specify ringer mode and volume, change ringtone, and set up volume for notifications, alarms and voice calls. The “Device” category allows you to change wireless settings: enable airplane mode, turn on and off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can also change screen brightness and timeout, and even select wallpaper. You can save your profiles to SD card or import them from a file.

Quick Profiles Screenshot

WhoIsIt Lite

With WhoIsIt Lite you will know who’s calling or messaging you without even looking at your phone. This application allows you to set up different ringtones and vibration patterns for each contact. You can customize notifications for SMS, MMS, Gmail, Google Talk, Google Voice and K-9 email client.

  • Application WhoIsIt Lite
  • Developer AppsByAndy
  • Reviewed version 1.02
  • Price Lite version: Free,
    Paid version: $1,99

WhoIsIt Lite Screenshot

There are 11 comments

  • Steve says:

    Are there any apps where you can control which numbers are able to bypass silent mode or something similar? I work midnights and sleep during the day, so I have missed the odd call when my child is sick and needed to be picked up from school, thus forcing my wife to leave her dayshift job to do the honors.

    Thank you

  • beller says:

    You forgot better Droid Call Confirm Pro App to confirm the call by proximity sensor instead touch every time “yes” on screen like Call Confirm app
    It have timeout function too! Best one

    • Alexey says:

      Thanks for the tip! Droid Call Cofirm Pro seems to be real competitor to the Call Confirm. The only contra I can see at this moment is that there is no free version.

  • Angela says:

    Is there a power-saving Android app that will allow incoming calls and texts while power is off? I ask because there is “Where Is My Droid” which will auto-turn on your phone and emit an alarm, to help you find your Droid…even if you had had it turned off. SO…it seems possible to have the Droid auto-turn-on when call or text comes thru…this would save major battery power and it is an app I’d pay money for!!

    • Alexey says:

      Angela, alas, it is impossible to receive calls or messages without switching your phone on. The “Where Is My Droid” will override phone’s ‘Silent Mode’ and emit alarm. However it will not work if the phone was turned off.

      • Angela says:


        Well…what good battery-saving apps are out there?

        The battery usage on my Droid is terrible, I have to charge it every freaking day.
        That or I need the high-capacity battery…

  • Desktek says:

    I want an app that uses my contact list as a white list and all other incoming calls are either sent directly to voice mail or you have the option for the phone to hangup the call.

  • jimmy says:

    I’m curious to know if there is a app that changes a contacts number when I am recieving a incoming call or a app the gives u the setting that only puts the name on the screen instead of name and number on screen. That works on the s4 thank

  • George says:

    Is there an app that forces hidden callers numbers to be displayed before you answer? The police can do it so why not normal citizens?

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