There are multiple sound volume levels on your Android device: ringtone, media, notifications, voice call, alarm and system sounds. It can be difficult to adjust them with volume buttons, because they only affect the level used by active application. Slider Widget is an excellent addition to your home screen that can manage them all in one place, as well as brightness settings.

Slider widget comes in 4 sizes: 1×1, 2×1, 3×1, 4×1. The largest 4×1 widget gives you access to 6 settings. By default these are: brightness, ringtone, media, voice call, alarm, and system volume levels. When you tap a button, floating box appear with a slider that can adjust selected volume. Alongside a slider there is a small wrench icon, which takes you to the widget settings screen.

Slider Widget - Volumes Screenshot

Slider Widget – Volumes Screenshot

The application gives you a lot of options to customize widget appearance. You can change the color of icons, make background transparent, and customize the buttons order. You can even change position of the floating slider dialog. Still there is a room for improvement. At this time you can change the color of the background. Neither it is possible to remove a button from the widget, and their number is fixed.

There is also the Toggle feature, which gives you an option to double-press widget buttons and switch to min and max values. This is experimental function and it doesn’t work as smooth as it should be.

Overall, Switch Widget – Volumes is a great lightweight, customizable and extremely useful widget that gives you full control over sound volume and brightness levels from your home screen. Best of all, the widget is completely free.

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  • Silver Price says:

    There’s a lot of widget apps, so for one to stand out it has to offer something others don’t. Slider Widget – Volumes & more is definitely one of the best-looking volume widgets, and if you need your volume controls at your fingertips, this app is for you.

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