There are times when you need to keep your device screen awake for a longer period of time and display sleep timeout settings are inconvenient and irritating. ‘Stay Alive!’ is a nice and handy tool that will prevent turning off the screen of your phone in certain situations.

With ‘Stay Alive!’ you can set your own display timeout settings that will not affect Android’s system settings; and customize scenarios when your device should stay functional. You can choose to keep screen on all the time or only while your device is plugged into outlet, car dock or desktop docking station; disable screen dimming or temporary pause the application itself. And the best of all is that you can apply those settings system-wide or only for specified applications. To prevent you device from complete discharging you can set ‘Auto Pause’ feature that will disable ‘Stay Alive!’ when the battery drops to a certain level.

Stay Alive! Screenshot

Stay Alive! Screenshot

‘Stay Alive!’ is an ad-free application, however you can express your gratitude to the developer and make a small donation ($1.50). As a bonus you will get access to several advanced features, including auto-start on boot and auto-pause with a proximity sensor.

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