When something important is about to happen, we tend to count down minutes, hours, days and months to the desired moment. With these apps you can easily find out how many days left until Christmas Day, create your own countdown to New Year, birthday, anniversary or just any other important event in your life.

Countdown Calendar Widget

‘Countdown Calendar Widget’ is the simplest and smallest application in this roundup. It’s a lightweight (only 61 kilobyte!) widget that comes in two sizes: 1×1 and 2×1. Put it on your screen, pick event date and it will count days or hours to your event. ‘Countdown Calendar Widget’ is free with no ads.

Countdown Calendar Widget Screenshots

Countdown Calendar Widget Screenshots

Countdown in Status Bar

As the name suggests ‘Countdown in Status Bar’ will display the number of days to your event in Android’s status bar. Unlike other apps or widgets this countdown will always be visible even when your device is locked. Free ad supported version can display 2 timers that are up to 500 days into the future. You can choose the countdown icon to be displayed in white or green color. Paid version removes advertising, can run up to 5 countdowns simultaneously and adds grey, blue, red, and yellow to a range of colors.

Countdown in Status Bar Screenshot

Countdown in Status Bar Screenshot

Countdown Timer

‘Countdown Timer’ slightly differs from other applications in this review as it is a single instance timer that is designed for short time intervals. This app is not targeted to count down days to a specific date. Still it is very nice and easy to use timer that can count time intervals up to 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Just swipe the screen to set the time and press Start button. The ‘Countdown Timer’ is a free application with no ads. It does not require any special permissions.

Countdown Timer Screenshot

Countdown Timer Screenshot

CountDown Widget

  • Application: CountDown Widget
  • Developer: Wagwan Apps
  • Reviewed version: 1.1.0
  • Price: Free!

‘CountDown Widget’ is an elegant and highly customizable 1×1 widget that will remind you about important dates in your life. The widget will display the number of days left to your milestone and display progress of ongoing countdown by drawing a colored circle. In case you started counting down in a middle of an event you can specify the number of days full circle stands for. The widget allows you to create events manually or import them from your calendar. ‘CountDown Widget’ is completely free with no ads.

CountDown Widget Screenshot

CountDown Widget Screenshot

D-Day Reminder

  • Application: D-Day Reminder
  • Developer: dodol.com
  • Reviewed version: 1.1.0
  • Price: Free!

‘D-Day Reminder’ is another application for those waiting for the special date. The application comes with a specialized ‘D-Day Form’ to easily create timers to your new D-Day, birthday, anniversary, repeating event or Todo task. You can set multiple alarms to remind you about upcoming event in 10, 7, 5, 3 or 1 day. The application provides multiple widgets to display single event or a list of upcoming events. ‘D-Day Reminder’ is a free ad-supported application.

D-Day Reminder Screenshot

D-Day Reminder Screenshot

Days Until – Countdown

‘Days Until’ is a lightweight countdown timer with an elegant Holo-themed user interface. With this application you can create events, organize them with tags, attach an image to any event, setup a reminder and event recurrence settings. ‘Days Until’ counts down multiple events to days, hours, minutes and seconds. The app saves all events history and can show a list of historical events that have occurred on this day. You can also use the app widget to display information for upcoming events right on your home screen. ‘Days Until’ is a free ad-supported application.

Days Until - Countdown Screenshot

Days Until – Countdown Screenshot


  • Application: Days--
  • Developer: Joe Wu
  • Reviewed version: 1.04
  • Price: Free!

‘Days--’ is super simple countdown application with a card-based user interface. It counts down or counts up days from a specific event and reminds you of your important occasions. You can put any event on your home screen with a nice little widget. ‘Days--’ is a lightweight app, it does not require any special permissions and is completely free with no ads.

Days-- Screenshot

Days-- Screenshot

Holo Countdown

  • Application: Holo Countdown
  • Developer: Simon Halvdansson
  • Reviewed version: 3.0.7
  • Price: Free / $1.06

‘Holo Countdown’ is a stylish timer app that utilizes elements of Google’s Holo interface. It will count down years, months, days, hours, and even seconds to your event. You can attach an image for any event; create repetitive events; share events. ‘Holo Countdown’ was designed to look good both on phones and tablets. Free version is limited to only 2 countdowns at a time. Paid version also features a widget and provides an option to sync events online.

Holo Countdown Screenshot

Holo Countdown Screenshot

My Day – Event Countdown

‘My Day – Event Countdown’ is a beautiful and simple countdown app for important events in your life. Set up dates for your events, birthdays and holidays and ‘My Day’ will display exact number of remaining days. The app comes with a numerous wallpapers to decorate each and every of your events. My Day was originally developed for Apple devices and it’s user interface looks like an iOS application. ‘My Day’ is a very nice application; the only downside is a lack of widget which hopefully will be added in future versions. The app is completely free with no ads.

My Day - Event Countdown Screenshot

My Day – Event Countdown Screenshot

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  • I’ve made a brand new countdown app . You can create a very simple timer or make very complex sequences of an Action timer, Rest timer and Laps. It’s optimized for a big screen. Check this out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.timer.tmr

  • Count down says:

    Here’s another one, which has some different features,

    1. Operates in two modes, simple and advanced. If users would like a simple and easy to use way to setup a homescreen countdown to a date, or countup since a date its very easy to setup with just a few clicks. There are dozens of great looking pre-canned styles of widgets to choose from.

    For more advanced users who really want control of how their homescreen widget will look, they can click into ‘advanced mode’, from where they can change background color, text colors, border colors. The can also change their main image, choosing from hundreds of high resolution clipart images. They can choose a background image and also a border image to combine for different graphic effects. The can also choose their font from 6 bundled open source fonts in addition to all the standard fonts their phone provides. In advanced mode, users have a great deal of control of the countdown appearance.

    2. Countdown in the status bar – If a user chooses they can display the number of days since the target date in the status bar. Alternatively they can choose to receive up to three notifications ahead of their event date.

    3. Unlimited number of simultaneous countdowns – unlike other countdown widgets, there are no limits to the number of countdown widgets the user can use at any one time

    4. Widget is 100% free with no additional add on costs. Developed for fun.

  • hex6ng says:

    Final Countdown is the only app that can count seconds, in multiple widgets! It has amazing customization options. You change the colors, the background even the digit fonts.


  • Apps Beyond says:

    Check out Countdown+. Complete feature set for a countdown calendar and widgets app:
    1. Full integration with your Android phone calendar so you see time to events
    2. Full integration with Facebook events and birthdays. So you see time to your Facebook birthdays
    3. Widgets! Check out the screenshots on Google Play
    4. Smart reminders that remind you more frequently as the event approaches
    5. Full customization with your own images, fonts, colors.

    Much much more.


  • John Encore says:

    I also found a new app called Time Until, it is the most beautiful and I use it everyday, it’s relatively unknown. http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.brunoschalch.timeuntil

  • Shreyas R says:

    Here’s something quick and easy…and its a widget

  • Benjamin K says:

    These apps are bit out of day, check out the newly released countdown app that uses Material Design:

    Days Matter – Event Countdown

  • Cormac says:

    I’ve created an event countdown, weather and webcam – app and widget. You can use it to count down to your holidays, birthdays, sports events and any other event you can think of.
    Add homescreen widgets to your favourite events. Include the location to show live weather information on the countdown widget, also add webcam images for live views of event location

    Watch as your event is counted down in days, hours, minutes, and seconds, and receive an alert when the event happens.

    Add background photos from your gallery, so you get a slideshow of background images, or use a photo taken with your camera, you can also add your favourite webcam of the location, to see exactly what conditions are like at that time.

    Please take a look at


  • Caroline Ward says:

    I’m actually looking for a wiget that is on the home screen and counts down in just one number – days. I don’t want to open an app or wiget to see the days left. I want it to be on my screen with my other apps

  • Tammy says:

    how/where do i get a timer with days hours minutes and seconds?

  • Keerthi Amit says:

    Dear network,

    Am looking for one application for Android which match to the needs below..
    If you know can u plz suggest any..

    -Shows the countdown of an even or many events at a time, to the time and date either in minutes/hours/days/months, only on the lock screen
    -Can sync with the Google calendar
    -Has an option to choose which event shd appear on the lock screen (where I can manually choose)
    -Has an option per event to choose if the countdown shd be in mins/hrs/days/mnths (where I can manually choose)
    -reminders not needed

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