Day after day many of us spend a dozens of hours starring at screens of our devices. Not only screen brightness affects precious battery life of our smartphones, but it is also one of the most common causes of eyestrain. Today we have prepared a list of six Android applications that will help you both to prevent eye fatigue and prolong battery life of your phone or tablet.


The following applications are covered in this roundup:

  1. Cobrets
  2. IntelliScreen
  3. Lux Auto Brightness
  4. Night Mode
  5. Twilight
  6. Velis Auto Brightness


  • Application: Cobrets
  • Developer: Iber Parodi Siri
  • Reviewed version: 3.0
  • Price: Free!

Cobrets (short for Configurable Brightness Preset) is a free application that allows you to toggle between different brightness presets using a small (1×1 size) widget on your home screen. Cobrets comes with several pre-defined brightness modes: Minimum (8%), Cuarter (25%), Medium (45%), Maximum (100%), Automatic, Nightly Filter, and Diurnal Filter. You can edit brightness values for the Minimum, Cuarter, Medium, and Maximum modes. The Automatic mode uses Android’s auto-brightness settings. The Nightly filter mode sets brightness value to 0 and applies black overlay filter to the screen area, so you get the brightness level even lower than system’s default value. Finally, the Diurnal mode utilizes yellow overlay filter over your screen to make using it easier for your eyes. Cobrets allows you to manually change all brightness and overlay filter values, including filter colors and opacity (transparency) levels. Cobrets gives you an option to enable or disable any of these modes, so you don’t have to toggle through all of them.

Cobrets Screenshot

Cobrets Screenshot


  • Application: IntelliScreen
  • Developer: PyroByte Studio
  • Reviewed version: 3.1.2
  • Price: Free / €1.99

IntelliScreen is a free application that allows you to customize screen timeout intervals depending on device position, lighting conditions, and which apps are currently running. At first the app will ask you to set the normal screen timeout value that will be applied by default. With IntelliScreen you can set any time interval you like, even some weird one, e.g. 1 minute 23 seconds. Then you can set individual rules for your applications. There are options to keep the screen always-on while the app is running in foreground, or set customized screen timeout for each application.

IntelliScreen also allows you to use device’s sensors to control screen timeout. There is an option to completely disable timeout when you hold your device in a particular position (portrait or landscape), which is detected using accelerometer. You can also choose to use the light sensor. This will automatically turn off the screen when you put the device in a dark place (e.g. into your pocket), and turn on the screen when the device is exposed to the light. However, this is a premium option that is only available if you decide to update IntelliScreen to the premium version.

Finally, you can choose whether those settings will be applied all the time or only when the device is docked into a car dock, desk station, or connected to a charger.

IntelliScreen Screenshot

IntelliScreen Screenshot

Lux Auto Brightness

  • Application: Lux Auto Brightness
  • Developer: Vito Cassisi
  • Reviewed version: 1.95l
  • Price: Free / $3.80

Lux Auto Brightness is a popular Android application that allows you to easily adjust your screen’s brightness to optimal levels, thus reducing eye strain and preserving battery power. Lux starts as a small popover window with a slider that is used for brightness adjustments.

The most interesting feature of Lux is it’s ability not only to create abstract profiles like ‘Night’ and ‘Day’, but to determine the actual ambient light intensity and then adjust screen settings accordingly. By default Lux will adjust brightness levels only at the moment you wake up device, so you won’t be distracted by the screen’s brightness changes. However, you can modify this behaviour and choose one of several adjustment modes: Ascendingly, Periodically, Dynamically, or Manually.

Lux Auto Brightness is available in two flavours. There is a free Lux Lite version that includes the most important features of the application. If you like the app, you can purchase full version of Lux Auto Brightness for $3.80.

Lux Auto Brightness Screenshot

Lux Auto Brightness Screenshot

Night Mode

  • Application: Night Mode
  • Developer: Bruno Barão
  • Reviewed version: 1.0.1
  • Price: Free!

‘Night Mode’ is a very simple application that will override your system’s display settings so you can reduce brightness of your screen below normal levels. ‘Night Mode’ applies an overlay filter that acts as a dimmer to darken the screen and ensure it won’t hurt your eyes. This is especially useful when you are using your phone in a low-light surroundings, such as cinema or theatre. ‘Night Mode’ is a free ad-supported applciation.

Night Mode Screenshot

Night Mode Screenshot


  • Application: Twilight
  • Developer: Urbandroid Team
  • Reviewed version: 3.2
  • Price: Free / $2.49

Twilight is an application that adjusts color temperature of your device’s display according to your current location and time of day. Twilight is based on the idea that excessive exposure to bright and blueish lights may cause the secretion of melatonin hormone during nighttime, thus causing inability to fall asleep. Bright and blueish lights, such as natural sunlight or LED displays, inhibit the creation of melatonin in the brain to signal the beginning of the day. The program filters the blue spectrum on your phone or tablet display and protects your eyes with a soft red filter. The application allows you to adjust color temperature and intensity, as well as screen backlight values.

Twilight Screenshot

Twilight Screenshot

Velis Auto Brightness

  • Application: Velis Auto Brightness
  • Developer: Velis Works
  • Reviewed version: 4.01.179
  • Price: Free (In-App Purchases)

Velis Auto Brightness is an app that gives you full control over auto-brightness settings on your Android device. When you run Velis Auto Brightness for the first time a simple seven-step wizard will help you perform initial setup.

The program’s main screen gives you a customizable curved brightness graph with ambient light reading along the X-axis, and screen brightness along the Y-axis. Drag the red handles to change how bright your screen should be at different levels of ambient light. You can save multiple brightness settings as different profiles.

There are numerous other settings that you can tweak with Velis Auto Brightness. You can create the list of apps that wont be affected by Velis settings, adjust sensors sensitivity and so on. Some additional functionality (Tasker support, Widget) is available as premium content through in-app purchase.

Velis Auto Brightness Screenshot

Velis Auto Brightness Screenshot

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