Security Apps
TrueCrypt Compatible Encryption on Android with EDS

TrueCrypt is popular choice for those who want to create encrypted storage to save sensitive files. This powerful open-source encryption software supports most of the desktop operation systems; alas it lacks support for mobile platforms. Android application called Encrypted Data Storage or simply EDS will give you access to the encrypted data on your Android phone or tablet.

Internet Apps

By default you are using the DNS servers of your Internet service provider, but you don’t have to stick with them. There are a number of reasons to use third-party DNS servers. They can be faster than your provider’s DNS servers, offer advanced security features, and can help bypass internet censorship filters. There are several free domain name resolution services that you can switch to.

Multimedia Apps

There are multiple sound volume levels on your Android device: ringtone, media, notifications, voice call, alarm and system sounds. It can be difficult to adjust them with volume buttons, because they only affect the level used by active application. Slider Widget is an excellent addition to your home screen that can manage them all in one place, as well as brightness settings.

Photography Apps

Repix, a popular iOS photo editing application, is now officially available for download from Google Play. The app offers a range of general photo editing features, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, photo temperature and cropping. And it also doubles as Instagram-like photo effects tool with a selection of over 30 brushes, and a number of filters and frames to choose from.